terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2017

Let's talk about Spirituality?

I've been dealing with a probably unprecedented issue here, our spiritual life. I just want you to know that sex before and outside of marriage is not sin. Also, never forget to thank God for the good things in life. In addition to our duty to leave a better world…

I just want you to know beforehand that sex before and outside of marriage is not sin. I have been through a lot of distress in my life to know that. One day, back in the 2001, I was in agony in my life thinking I would spend eternity in hell simply because felt horny: there came the idea of searching for "christian swingers" on Google, and I found these websites during the search: http://www.libchrist.com/ and  http://inkaboutit4u.com/ . These websites explain that we can be Christians and have a free sex life at the same time. The main things I learned there is that the supreme law is the Law of Love and for the pure of all things are pure. During that interaction on the Internet, I contacted Christian LGBT groups, with which I have similar dilemmas with regards to sexuality. In the meantime, I got some translations of articles in English, which I gathered on this website: http://www.libertos.info/ (Portuguese-language). I am looking forward to your visit and to help you there!

Never forget to thank God for the good things of life that He has given us! I know perfectly well that our list of requirements is endless, we are never fully satisfied with anything! And I am no exception to this rule. But one of the first things we must learn to not be alienated is to be aware that there is a huge part of Humanity that does not live fully, it only survives chewing on life's gristle. To name a more visible example, consider the Islamic State in the Middle East, which is committing genocide against the native Christians, and also making genital mutilation against women, depriving them of pleasure. In addition to all the threat that Islam poses to Christianity and the Free World. It is also worth mentioning the Boko Haram in Nigeria and the centennial of the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian genocides, just to show a bit of the Islam nature! And I have not been very far when I mention such examples… Because of this, when you are at those times and places of joy and pleasure, during that divine cumshot, try to raise your mind to the Lord, as a form of gratitude for our blessings.

When those times of boredom, apathy, inertia, and even sadness and depression come, think about the things I said earlier. We should enjoy life, but we can not rest until all mankind, without exception, is able to enjoy life fully. It is worthy mentioning here the parable of the trees (Judges 9:8-16). We must be aware that only who strives to make a world better than the world we received in the past is worthy living.

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Original article: http://www.libertos.info/vamos-falar-de-espiritualidade